Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to the Games Mythology Patreon at the Warrior level you agree to the following terms:

  1. All files and links we share with you are intended for you as a sponsor and no one else. By downloading content created by us (Stl, shared links), you accept this agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree to these terms, please do not download the content we provide: Games Mythology is the owner of the STL files. STL files are a copyrighted work belonging to Games Mythology.
  2. Games Mythology grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the files. You may only use the content provided by us (Stl and its location links) for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell them. nor impressions.
  3. You can cut/resize our files to fit better on your printer, but you can’t share those derivatives (nor the original files). You may not edit our 3d (stl) files or use parts of them to create new content! Our thumbnails, any other types of 3D files we post or parts of our files may not be used in any other project, Kickstarter, Patreon or any other crowdfunding platform or sold in any way.
  4. No molds can be made from our models, casting and any kind of mass production is prohibited.
  5. You can take photos, live streams and videos with our models (ideally for painting sessions or showing 3D printer results) as long as you indicate that the models belong to Games Mythology. In this case, promoting our Patreon page would be greatly appreciated!
  6. All copyrights belong to Games Mythology, rights are NOT assigned or transferred to the end user. Our designs are protected by intellectual property laws.

By subscribing to the Games Mythology Patreon at the Hero level, you agree to the following terms:

  1. As a hero with an active license, you have the right to sell 3D prints of Games Myhology models.
  2. You may not sell or distribute the digital files themselves. This refers to STL files, PDF files, and image files. Your license covers all of our monthly templates that you will receive each month. Changing commit to a lower level revokes hero rights. Once you leave hero level you can no longer sell copies of our miniatures.
  3. If you want to sell other miniatures from our MyMiniFactory store you will have to buy the copyright, if the option does not exist in the store, contact us and we will give you a price.
  4. Duties do not include resin or metal casting, as well as injection molding. If that is your intention, please let us know and we can discuss it.
    File modification is not allowed. For quality of life modifications (such as magnetic slots on bases), please contact us.
  5. Ads, whether on social media or other channels, must contain a reference to the Games Mythology brand (Patreon link and/or social media tag and/or site link). You are also encouraged and permitted to use the Games Mythology logo or banner in materials covering our content. Contact us for a banner or our logo.

Heroes are asked to send us their branding package (name, logo, images, fonts, etc.) so we can put together a custom association banner, with possible color combinations. In this way, the banner will be less intrusive in its own design and theme, while retaining exclusivity and a formal statement of association.


If there are any questions or issues that need clarification, feel free to send us a message at contactogamesmythology@gmail.com.

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