The Orktober Bloodpit

Greetings warriors we are Games Mythology and today I want to show you our upcoming project: The Orktober Bloodpit. You can get this amazing miniature for free if you suscribe to the pre-campaign list and also receive a 10% discount in all the pledges (Merchant licenses included!)

For those of you who love all the games where you can play football in a fantasy world full of fearsome creatures, and of course if you love these green skin creatures, this is your opportunity to get 2 teams of 12 miniatures plus lots of stretch goals! In this story we want to show you some of the miniatures that you can add to your collection.


We have created this campaign with Brutefun miniatures, who is the responsible of the sculpting of these wonderful miniatures, you can check his linktree here. We focus on the promotion and the customer service, if any of you need help or have questions I will be always here to help as soon as possible!


He has decide to give us license to create this project and share profits with him, and also get some promotion of his channel with all of you who are reading this!


We will release the campaign during October so stay tuned! We hope you all love the miniatures as much as we do! They are high quality 32mm scale and all of them come with and without supports! Ready to print & paint to participate in all the Orktober painting contests!


See you in the battlefield!

50% DISCOUNT in ALL our STL shop!

Greetings warriors!

Only during the last week of September we offer a 50% discount in all our Myminifactory shop STL files!

Just type the code: GAMESMYTHOLOGYFLASH while shopping!

All the models come with and without supports and are based on a 32mm scale!

The models of this post have been sculpted by:

@librarynth (beastmen)
@migueldelbar (all the others)

If you are a 3d modeller and want to work with us send me a private message!

The models of this post have been painted by:

@wadart89 (Minotaur)
@wachomini (all the others)

These STL files are for personal use only, you can’t share or sell them, if you want to sell the prints of our miniatures you can become one of our merchants, we are creating a list of world wide merchants in our Linktree, you can appear there if you support us!

Several models are still being uploaded to the shop but you can get them in our Live Frontiers campaign: The Astâbryds proxy beastmen STL files.

Any question please let me know! Thanks so much and…

See you on the battlefield!

The Astâbryds packs


We are Games Mythology and this is the pack preview of our second Frontiers campaign: The Astâbryds!

In our fantastic universe, the Astâbryds are half beast and half humans, they are losing their reason while they are gaining strength, rage and bloodthirst. Beware if you find one of these creatures, if you are not brave enough you won’t be another enemy, you will become food. They are our proxy army of the beast herds from the ninth age.

You can get this STL file of our Astâr leader for free, as well as a 10% discount in our pledges and you will be notified when launch to let you enjoy the early bird offer! You just need to pre subscribe to the campaign here!

Painted by Alex

We have created several packs for you to choose which one suit you better:

The Taurastâr pack: With our 5 minotaurs.

The Astâbryds pack: With all the beastmen miniatures.

The Merchant License: For those who want to sell prints of our miniatures.

Addons: For those who missed our last campaign “The Hellas War”

The Taurastâr pack

The Taurastâr pack includes:

  • The big axe Taurastâr.
  • The axe and shield Taurastâr.
  • The two axes Taurastâr.
  • The war drum Taurastâr.
  • The standard and totem bearer Taurastâr.
  • We will also include for free our October Tribe release: The leaders and the Spartans!
  • The first 48 hours you will have a discount early bird offer for this pack.


The Taurastâr Pack

Big Axe

Axe and shield

Two axes

War drum

Standard and totem bearer

The leaders and the Spartans!

Prints samples by Alex @Khazalid

Painted by Will

The Astâbryds Pack

The Astâbryds pack includes:

  • The Taurâstar pack
  • The Astâr modular pack
  • The Astârd modular pack
  • The Astânter modular pack
  • The herd stone
  • Korzark, the Taurastâr leader
  • We will also include for free our October Tribe release: The leaders and the Spartans!


Astâr modular pack

Astâr 1

Astâr 2

Astâr 3

Astâr musician

Astâr standard bearer

Astâr leader

Astârd modular pack

Astârd 1

Astârd 2

Astârd 3

Astârd Musician

Astârd Standard Bearer

Astârd Leader

Astânter modular pack

Astânter 1

Astânter 2

Astânter 3

Astânter Musician

Astânter Standard Bearer

Astânter Leader

Herd Stone


The leaders and the Spartans!

Merchant pledge

Please note that all digital files purchased are for personal use only. Any distribution or sale of these digital STL files are prohibited, this includes modified and altered versions of these files. Selling 3D prints or molds, casts made from these miniatures is prohibited.

If you are interested in selling Games Mythology miniatures, you can purchase the Merchant License. By pledging in the Merchant Tier you are allowed to sell this kickstarter as physical 3D printed figures but reselling the digital STL files is strictly prohibited.

Astâbryds Merchant

With this pledge you will receive:

  • 3 different modular units of beastmen
  • 5 different Taurâstar (the minotaurs)
  • The herd stone
  • All the Renders from this campaign to use them on your shops.
  • The EPIC Taurastâr leader, Korzark.
  • We will also include for free our October Tribe release merchant tier: The leaders and the Spartans!

You also have a merchant license tier available on our MyMiniFactory Tribe where you can pay 30$ monthly to be announced as one our distributors around the world (we will add your shop links to our linktree).

We will also include for free our October Tribe release merchant tier: The leaders and the Spartans!


Our last campaign miniatures are here for you too:

The Hellas army includes more than 100STL files with:

Toxotes, Hoplitas, Hippikon, Command Groups, Leaders, Spartans, Theseus and Toxotes Heroes.

The Allies & Invaders includes more than 100 STL files with:

Dryads, Silens, Hyleoroi, Hades Warriors, Hades Hounds, Cyclopes, Maenads, Cerberus, Hecatonchire and Victims.


You will receive all The Hellas War Frontiers campaign STL files with the right to sell the prints of the miniatures (never the STL files) plus all the renders for your shop!

This pack contains more than 250 STL files with:

Toxotes, Hoplitas, Hippikon, Command Groups, Leaders, Spartans, Theseus, Toxotes Heroes, Dryads, Silens, Hyleoroi, Hades Warriors, Hades Hounds, Cyclopes, Maenads, Cerberus, Hecatonchire, Victims, Busts, Bases, Helepolis (siege machine), Fortress and Renders

Social Media

Keep up to date with this and future projects by joining for free to our community:

Join our community for free and receive free STL miniatures, enter painting contests with amazing rewards and get discounts in our shops and campaigns!

If you like what we do please consider helping us to spread the word through your favorite miniature groups and on social media. Any wargaming lover could be interested in adding new armies to their miniatures collection and you can help us to find them!

Finally I would like to thanks all my team for making this campaign possible and also all of you guys thanks so much!

Fernando: Models creator. Creador de los modelos.

Jesus Visual art & renders. Arte visual & Renders.

Miguel Miniature prints. Impresión de miniaturas.

Alex Miniature painter, painting tutorials. Pintor de miniaturas, tutoriales de pintura.

Will Miniature painter. Pintor de miniaturas.

Marcos Supports and miniature prints & pictures. Soportes e impresión de miniaturas & fotos.

Alex Campaign promotion and miniature painter. Promoción de la campaña y pintor de miniaturas.

Jose Campaign promotion and miniature painter. Promoción de la campaña y pintor de miniaturas.

Ángel Miniature painter. Pintor de miniaturas.

Adrián CEO

Games Mythology web Newsletter 01

Greetings warriors! This is the first Games Mythology web newsletter where we will share with you amazing content: discounts in our products, painting contests with awesome rewards, free stl files, new crowdfunding campaigns and more!

Join our community for free and receive free STL miniatures, enter painting contests with amazing rewards and get discounts in our shops and campaigns!

If you have a 3d printer, or want to sell the prints of our miniatures, we provide our STL files through Myminifactory:

And that is everything! Thanks for reading and see you on the battlefield!

The Astâbryds Frontiers

Designed by Hugo

Greetings warriors, we have started the precampaign of our second Frontiers: The Astâbryds, half beast and half men, ready to terrorize any battlefield! Created by the awesome sculptor Fernando Solano Have a look how cool they are!

created by Jesus Romero

You can now get our Astâr leader for free leaving your email to get notified when launch! We offer several packs, addons and lots of stretch goals! The more we get the better will be the pack for all of you! We also have an early bird pack, merchant licenses and a 10% discount for all of the presubscribers plus another 10% dicount for the tribers.

We also have a painting contest going on with this miniature so if you like to paint, you can get more info about the contest in our website.

You can join our community for free typing your email and clicking “Join now”. You will receive our emails with all the new releases and campaigns, updates, free stl files and awesome painting contests! and as our first reward: A free STL file of Peleus, King of Phthia! created by the awesome modeler Miguel Jiménez

Join our community for free and receive free STL miniatures, enter painting contests with amazing rewards and get discounts in our shops and campaigns!

By clicking join now, you will join our community! You agree to share your email address with the site owner and MailChimp to receive marketing messages, updates, and other emails from the site owner including free stl files, free painting contest, new releases and campaigns. You can use the unsubscribe link in those emails to unsubscribe at any time (hopefully never!)

Thanks for your time and see you on the battlefield!

Early Bird offers for The Astâbryds

Greetings warriors,

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who have already pledged in our campaign The Astâbryds!

For those of you who haven’t visited the campaign yet, this is a summary of the STL packs and their prices that you can buy in this Kickstarter:

STL THE TAURÂSTAR PACK: Early bird 30€ – KS 40€ – MMFSHOP 50€ 

STL THE ASTÂBRYDS PACK: Early bird 60€ – KS 80€ – MMFSHOP 120€

STL THE MERCHANT PACK: Early bird 250€ – KS 300€ – MMF SHOP 360€

The early bird offers will be only available until August the 17th so hurry up!

One more time thanks so much to all of you for supporting us!

See you on the battlefield!

Painting Contest ~ Concurso de pintura

If you want to participate, you just have to follow these simple steps:

– Click HERE

– Download the free file of our leader Astâr.

– Print and paint the miniature.

– Upload your results to social networks by tagging us (@gamesmythology).

– Add this hashtag in your post #GamesMythologyPaintingContest

Everything is allowed, conversions, colors, size…

Si queréis participar, solo tenéis que seguir estos sencillos pasos:

– Haz click AQUÍ.

– Dercarga el archivo gratuito de nuestro líder Astâr.

– Imprime y pinta la miniatura.

– Sube tus resultados a las redes sociales etiquetándonos (@gamesmythology).

– Añade este hashtag en tu post #GamesMythologyPaintingContest

Todo está permitido, conversiones, colores, tamaños…

And most importantly, the rewards! 

All participants will be able to choose an STL pack from our myminifactory store and will receive it for free.  

Y lo más importante, ¡los premios!

Todos los participantes podrán elegir un pack de STL de nuestra tienda de myminifactory y lo recibirán de manera gratuita.

Also, the winner will be chosen during the month of August and will get all the miniatures from the All-in-One pack of our latest kickstarter campaign “The Athenian Army”.  

Además, el ganador será elegido durante el mes de Agosto y obtendrá todas las miniaturas del pack Todo en uno de nuestra última campaña de kickstarter “The Athenian Army”.

Finally, if you don’t have a 3d printer or anyone who can print it for you, but you want to participate, for €4 (shipping costs: +5€ Spain or +15€ International) we will send the miniature to your home.  Don’t wait any longer and join our 2nd painting contest! We are looking forward to seeing your results.

Por último, si no tenéis impresora 3d ni conocidos que puedan imprimirla para vosotros, pero quieres participar, por 9€ (gastos de envío incluidos) os enviaremos la miniatura a casa.  No esperes más y ¡únete a nuestro 2° concurso de pintura! Estamos deseando ver vuestros resultados.

Please share this with you friends to spread the word all over the world, thanks one more time for being here fighting with us to help us fulfill our dream, see you on the battlefield!

Comparte esto con tus amigos para correr la voz por todo el mundo, gracias una vez más por estar aquí luchando con nosotros para ayudarnos a cumplir nuestro sueño, ¡nos vemos en el campo de batalla!

¿Games Mythology?

Games Mythology is our team of mythology fans. We have been working since January 2021 on creating 3D miniatures in STL format, with a 32mm scale. For those who do not know what STL files are, they are online files that can be downloaded to print on a 3D printer.

Games Mythology es nuestro equipo de apasionados de la mitología. Llevamos desde Enero de 2021 trabajando en la creación de miniaturas 3D en formato STL, con una escala de 32mm. Para quién no sepa qué es eso de los archivos STL, son ficheros online que se pueden descargar para imprimir en una impresora 3D.

Our miniatures are designed to be used in wargames. We are currently taking inspiration from Greek mythology, but our intention is to also cover Norse, Egyptian, etc. as we grow.

Nuestras miniaturas están diseñadas para poder usarse en wargames. Actualmente estamos inspirándonos en la mitología griega, pero nuestra intención es abarcar también la nórdica, egipcia etc a medida que vayamos creciendo.

If you have a 3D printer and you want to get our miniatures, you have several ways:

Patreon is a patronage platform where you can support us monthly in exchange for packs of miniatures that we are creating for all our followers.

Si tenéis una impresora 3D y queréis conseguir nuestras miniaturas tenéis varias maneras:

Patreon es una plataforma de mecenazgo donde nos podréis apoyar mensualmente a cambio de packs de miniaturas que vamos creando para todos nuestros seguidores.

The files are collectible and can be printed as many times as desired, but cannot be shared or sold. Within Patreon, there are several options:

  • Pioneer Patron: You will receive our welcome pack and the monthly pack that we have created. You will also have a 25% discount on the miniatures in our store at MyMiniFactory.
  • Aspiring Patron: In addition to all of the above, you will be able to sell the prints of our miniatures, never the STL files. Also, the discount at MyMiniFactory is 40%.

MyMiniFactory is a platform that offers the possibility of creating an online store for STL files. In our store we offer all the miniatures that we have created through Patreon and Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is the best-known platform we work with, through it we offer packages of miniatures in development at a cheaper price, thanks to what we collect in these campaigns we can offer more miniatures of the highest quality.

We are currently carrying out our second campaign, it is currently under construction but you can stay informed through this link.

Los archivos son coleccionables y se pueden imprimir tantas veces como se quiera, pero no se pueden compartir o vender. Dentro de Patreon, existen varias opciones: 

  • Mecenas Pionero: Recibirás nuestro pack de bienvenida y el pack mensual que hayamos creado. Además tendrás un 25% de descuento en las miniaturas  de nuestra tienda en MyMiniFactory.
  • Mecenas Aspirante: Además de todo lo anterior, podrás vender las impresiones de nuestras miniaturas, nunca los archivos STL. Además, el descuento en MyMiniFactory es del 40%.

MyMiniFactory es una plataforma que ofrece la posibilidad de crear una tienda online de archivos STL. En nuestra tienda ofrecemos todas las miniaturas que hemos creado a través de Patreon y Kickstarter. 

Kickstarter es la plataforma más conocida con la que trabajamos, a través de ella ofrecemos paquetes de miniaturas en desarrollo a un precio más económico, gracias a lo que recaudamos en estas campañas podemos ofrecer mayor cantidad de miniaturas de la máxima calidad.

Actualmente estamos llevando a cabo nuestra segunda campaña, de momento está en construcción pero podéis manteneros informados a través de este enlace. 

You can follow us on our social networks to keep up to date with all the news and incredible miniatures that we are creating.

Instagram ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Web

You can also test the quality of our miniatures for FREE! In this web link we offer you the miniature of the Spartan Toxote from our last Kickstarter campaign. You just have to follow the instructions on this link.

Podéis seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales para manteneros al tanto de todas las novedades e increíbles miniaturas que estamos creando.

Instagram ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Web

Además también puedes probar la calidad de nuestras miniaturas ¡GRATIS! en este enlace web te ofrecemos la miniatura del Toxote Espartano de nuestra última campaña de Kickstarter. Sólo tienes que seguir las instrucciones de este enlace.

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