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-> Last news -> We have a Kickstarter campaign coming soon: The Astâbryds with amazing “early bird” offers on our pledges during the first days. And also, for the first time, physical miniatures will be included! Have a look here ->

Welcome to our Games Mythology universe! We are creating and sharing high-quality 3D printable fantasy miniatures, inspired by ancient myths and legends. You will pay monthly to receive 3d printable miniature as STL files with and without supports of a 32mm scale.

We add different tiers for you to choose which one suits you better:

By joining now to our tribe you will receive the ever growing welcome box:

With The 10$ Hellas War tier you will receive more than 250STL files divided in 12 months from our Frontier campaign “The Hellas War”.

Receive monthly packs of our campaign “The Hellas War” for personal use, you CAN’T sell the prints of the miniatures nor the STLs.

Get the whole Hellas Army plus the Allies & Invaders with more than 250STL files and with all the Addons splitted in twelve different packs:

· July 


painted by @fenrikstudio

Hoplites Multipack with: 8 spears, 2 shoulder pads, 4 arms, 4 heads, 4 shields and 4 bodies. You will be able to create your own and personalized army of hoplites!

The hoplites command group: with a champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

· August 

12 different Toxotes, greek archers from the ancient Hellas.

picture and print by @3dprintingsamurai_stl

The Scenery pack

· September 

Hippikon Multipack with: 6 horses, 7 torsos, 5 shield arms, 9 heads, 9 hands with different weapons. You will be able to create your own and personalized army of cavalry!

print and picture by @3dprintingsamurai_stl

The hippikon command group: with a champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

· October 

Leaders to command your army. The Hipotoxota, the Hiparco and the Strategos.

painted by @khazalidtv

Spartan multipack with: 3 bodies, 3 heads, 3 shields, 3 spears and a command group with a champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

· November 

The 4 Toxotes heroes: Otrera, Queen of the Amazons, Paris of Troy, Cyrus the Younger of Persia and Archelaus I of Macedonia.

Painted by @sirminilot

The mighty Theseus. Hero of Athens, slayer of giants and mythological creatures, his last victim was the minotaur, of whom he keeps his skull as a trophy of this epic victory.

painted by @ibaiminiaturas

· December 

Hades hounds 9 terrifying hounds of tartar with their even more fearsome captain. Servants of Hades who will come from the depths ready to devour anyone who stands in their way.

painted by @sir_minilot

Cerberus the demonic hound, protector of the gates of Tartarus, Hades’ pet and army destroyer.

· January 

Warrior cyclops one of the beast commanded by Hades. This cyclops is faster, thinner and full of rage.

Rock thrower cyclops

· February 

Devourer cyclops

painted by @sir_minilot

Hades warriors

painted by sir_minilot

· March 


painted by @khazalidtv


painted by @chobiminiatures

· April 


The Dryads, known as the power of nature, the druid, the queen and the warrior.

· May 



· June 

The busts

painted by @ibaiminiatures

The Bases

Are you a merchant interested in our models? We have The 30$ Merchant License of The Hellas War campaign in our tribe if you want to sell the print of our miniatures but NEVER the STL files.

If you paint any of our miniatures please upload the pictures to your social media (instagram, twitter or facebook) tagging us @gamesmythology, you can also add the hashtags #gamesmythology #gamesmythologymuseum and We will repost your pictures and upload them to our: “Painted miniatures Museum

We have a painting contest LIVE. Just suscribe to our newsletter and we will send you our free miniature: The Astârs leader. You will receive a reward just for painting and uploading the pictures of the miniature! The winner will receive our All in one pack from The Hellas War Frontier campaign!

After 3, 6, 9 and 12 months let us know what you think about our time together and we will give you “the Loyalty rewards” (We will add loyalty rewards after our Frontiers Campaign…)

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