Our Tribe

Welcome to our Games Mythology universe! We are creating and sharing high-quality 3D printable fantasy miniatures, inspired by ancient myths and legends. You will pay monthly to receive 3d printable miniature as STL files with and without supports of a 32mm scale.

We add different tiers for you to choose which one suits you better:

By joining now to our tribe you will receive the ever growing welcome box:

With The 10$ Warrior tier you will receive more than 300STL files divided in 12 months from our Frontier campaign “The Hellas War” & “The Astâbryds”.

With the Warrior tier you will receive monthly packs of our campaign “The Hellas War” & “The Astâbryds” for personal use, you CAN’T sell the prints of the miniatures nor the STLs.

+ Are you a merchant interested in our models? We have The 30$ Hero tier (Merchant License) of The Hellas War campaign in our tribe if you want to sell the print of our miniatures but NEVER the STL files.

With the Hero tier you will also get the right to sell the prints of the miniatures (never the STL files). Read terms and conditions below.

IMPORTANT: Read here: Terms and Conditions

Heroes are asked to send us their branding package (name, logo, images, fonts, etc.) so we can put together a custom association banner, with possible color combinations. In this way, the banner will be less intrusive in its own design and theme, while retaining exclusivity and a formal statement of association.


If there are any questions or issues that need clarification, feel free to send us a message at contactogamesmythology@gmail.com.

Have a look to all our monthly releases here!

If you paint any of our miniatures please upload the pictures to your social media (instagram, twitter or facebook) tagging us @gamesmythology, you can also add the hashtags #gamesmythology #gamesmythologymuseum and We will repost your pictures and upload them to our: “Painted miniatures Museum

We have a painting contest LIVE. Just suscribe to our newsletter and we will send you our free miniature: The Astârs leader. You will receive a reward just for painting and uploading the pictures of the miniature! The winner will receive our All in one pack from The Hellas War Frontier campaign!

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