Fernando(Sculptor)___Miguel (Sculptor)_____Adrián (CEO)_____Jesús (Designer)

Games Mythology is our team of mythology and fantasy fans. We have been working since January 2021 on creating 3D miniatures in STL format, with a 32mm scale. For those who do not know what STL files are, they are online files that can be downloaded to print on a 3D printer.

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Miguel has already sculpted a magnificent greek army with mythological creatures and mighty heroes. We have created a Frontier campaign that is going live on July the first, you can download a free miniature and get notified when the project goes live and be able to get our star offers with the “early bird” packs.

We started with Greek mythology, but our intention is to also cover Norse, Egyptian… Now we are working on proxy miniatures for wargames, such as the ninth age.

Fernando has created an awesome campaign with the Astâbryds, half beast half humans, it will be released this summer and trust me…you are going to love it.

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Finally, if you really like what we do and you want to support us we have a tribe where we share monthy stl files and we also give you a 25% discount in our myminifactory shop.

Our Tribe June release “The öboros” just click to visit our MyMiniFactory Tribe

You can read more about who worked with us last year here.