About us

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Games Mythology is our team of mythology fans. We have been working since January 2021 on creating 3D miniatures in STL format, with a 32mm scale. For those who do not know what STL files are, they are online files that can be downloaded to print on a 3D printer.

Our miniatures are designed to be used in wargames. We are currently taking inspiration from Greek mythology, but our intention is to also cover Norse, Egyptian, etc. as we grow.

On the Left: Miguel, the sculptor: Capable of transforming any misshapen mass into a miniature work of art.

At the middle: Adrian, the brain: The restless mind that can never stop creating and responsibe for exposing our work to the world.

On the right: Jesus, the designer: Responsible for all the wonders we share with you, from army soldiers to powerful creatures.

Recently we have two new sculptors helping us:

We also collaborate with a few fellas that I would like to introduce you:

  • Marta (Lady_executioner) Is working with us doing the supports for our miniatures.
  • Enric (fenrikstudio) is working with us painting the boxarts
  • Samu (3dprintingsamurai_stl) is working with us promoting our content.
  • Alex (khazalidtv) is helping us by creating painting tutorials and contests with our miniatures.



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