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The Astâbryds! 32mm STL high quality files of miniatures for wargaming compatible with the ninth age.

We offer sets of pre-supported and unsupported 3d printable beastmen created by our awesome modeller @librarynth.

Each set is a group of miniatures that will let you customize your beast army, by adding our miniatures or completing your already existing army or even make a whole new army combining all of them.

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Our second STL miniatures kickstarter “The Athenian Army” have all stretch goals unlocked more than 30 STL files. The Late pledge is still available on MMF:

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All the miniatures that we offer in this campaign are compatible with the ninth age, they are in a 32mm scale and we deliver them with and without supports. In addition, all of them have been printed by us to verify that met our expectations.

These are some of our miniatures, printed and painted by enormous artists, if you want to learn more about them: click here. 

Before you decide, if you still don’t know the quality of our miniatures, you can click here to download our first miniature: The Myrmidon.  The miniatures are high quality, 32mm with and without supports.

Thanks for having read this far! If you want to visit our Late pledge campaign just click here! See you on the battlefield!

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