GM2PC Games Mythology II Painting Contest

Greetings warriors,

We are creating our III Painting Contest, this time with one of our favourites miniatures, the Strategos, but for the first time, it will be available as 32mm or 75mm, you can join 1 or both categories and be able to win awesome rewards!

If you are interested, let us know with an email to with your name, country and which miniatures would you want, type STL files if you want to print it yourself, and if you want it printed, please say if you want 32mm, 75mm or both. Thanks!

Also, you can join our discord to be in direct contact with us!

Our II painting contest was finished!

Thanks all the contestants for participating, these are all the warrior level miniatures (you can click below to visit the painter’s profile and give them some love!):

After the warrior level, you will meet the second level: the kings, then the last level: the heroes and one hero will become the GOD! Who won? You can ask us here if you want more information!

You still can download and paint for free our Astâr leader STL file. If you want to participate you will have to paint the Âstar leader! You will be added as a STRAGGLER and you will receive 1 STL file of our myminifactory shop! (the same reward that the warriors had)

Painted by Ángel Giraldez

If you need help or inspiration, you can follow how Jose Davinci is painting it giving you tips and tutorials like this one:

How it works?

We share the STL file with and without supports with you here!

Are there any rewards?

The STRAGGLERS reward: same warrior level reward.

The past contests rewards:

Hell yeah! We will have 4 different categories with special rewards each:

D: Warrior level (unlimited): All the participants will be considered mighty warriors who deserve to receive any of our epic MyMiniFactory miniatures shop packs of STL files for free!

Click on the image to visit our STL shop

If you don’t have a 3d printer you can use any of the 3d printing services around you or friends to get the STLs printed. We will help you with that if you need it!

C: King level (unlimited): The level of you miniature painting abilities is superior to any warrior, your skills and technique help you out to become a king among the legions of warriors that now have to kneel in front of the king.

As a king you will receive: The Hellas army STL pack or The Allies & Invaders STL pack.

Any of our miniatures from the MyMiniFactory shop STL files totally free.

Click on the image to visit our STL shop

B: Hero level (unlimited): There are people that is special, some of them because of their training and some of them because of a birth gift, we don’t know how you get this level but obviously you are not a mortal any more you have something from the gods inside you and probably one day you will become one!

As a warrior you will receive: The Hellas War STL All in one pack with more than 250 STL files to print.

1 free item of our physical shop, chosen by you, you will only have to pay for the shipping costs.

A: God level (only 1): Your maestry with the brush on our miniature is just outstanding, only a God itself would have been able to create a piece of art like this so…congratulations you are the God of the II Games Mythology Painting Contest!

As a god you will receive the honor to command us to create anything that you want you will join us on a private discord call sharing our screen to sculpt with you a 32mm miniature of your choice (it has to be a proxy or a personal creation not copyright protected ideas) and we will create it as you decide, to share it with the community.

When painting, are there any limits?

No, it is exactly the opposite. You can resize or modify the miniature for this contest and for your personal use.

You can paint it at any scale to present your final picture, you can add a base, or create a diorama, all that you want to do to make the final picture better is allowed as long as our miniature is there.

Once painted, what’s next?

You will have to post your best picture on instagram, tag us @gamesmythology and add to your hashtags #gamesmythology #gamesmythologymuseum #gamesmythology2ndpaintingcontest

You have also to choose your favorite picture and send it to us to

You can paint as many miniatures as you want. There is no limit of entries, if you have different ideas and you want to share them with us, each picture will be judged separately.

We will share all the contestants through our Games Mythology Museum and instagram account.

When is all of this happening?

The Games Mythology 2nd Painting Contest is finished! But you still can participate and win the warriors reward! Get our free STL file miniature here!

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