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We offer you high quality STL files of 32mm scaled miniatures for wargaming, d&d or tabletop games. You can buy some of our physical miniatures here.

Do you have a 3d printer? If you do, we have a surprise for you, you can join for free our community and receive free miniatures and discounts in our next campaign!

Join our community for free and receive free STL miniatures, enter painting contests with amazing rewards and get discounts in our shops and campaigns!

We share all our miniatures through MyMiniFactory. You can visit our online shop here to get any of our STL files. We are creating new amazing miniatures and we will be adding them to our store monthly, if you want to get the new releases with the awesome price of only 10$ a month and also get a 25% discount in any of our STL shop miniatures you can join our Tribe here.

If you paint any of our miniatures you can join our Games Mythology Museum, you will only have to publish the best picture of our miniature painted by you adding with your hashtags: #gamesmythology #gamesmythologymuseum and tagging us @gamesmythology we will bring them here so anyone will be able to see them and meet your instagram profile just clicking on your post.

See you on the battlefield!

First Games Mythology Painting Contest with The Myrmidon






Painting Contest with @Khazalidtv with the Hiparco





Hades hoplites

Hades hounds



The Hellas war

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