Hi everyone we are Games Mythology and we are running our first Frontier campaign. We have created a huge number of warriors and creatures getting some inspiration from historical references and myths…but also adding a lot of fantasy and epicness to the design of the models. You can click here to join our MyMiniFactory tribe to receive the welcome pack and monthly releases.

All the miniatures that we offer in this campaign are compatible with the ninth age, they are in a 32mm scale and we deliver them with and without supports. In addition, all of them have been printed by us to verify that all of them met our expectations.

I hope what you see here is to your liking and with no more words…

Welcome to…

The Hellas War

Meet the Athenians, ready to face the hordes of Hades…

With the Spartans who come to help them…

But the Tartarus has been opened by Hades and now their forces are released…

Maybe the last hope will be the Arcadia forest allies…

Now it’s time to start the war, who will be left standing?

See you on the battlefield!

You have the pledges description to learn more about what each pack contains:

The Hellas army

Get the whole Hellas Army with more than 100STL files of an awesome ancient greek legion

This pack includes: 25 different warriors divided in leaders, heroes and archers plus 3 modular packs with more than 50 different stl files to create your unique army of spartans and athenians hoplites plus a high detailed cavalry with spears, shields, javalines and bows.

painted by @fenrikstudio

Hoplitas Multipack with: 8 spears, 2 shoulder pads, 4 arms, 4 heads, 4 shields and 4 bodies. You will be able to create your own and personalized army of hoplites!

The hoplites command group: with a champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

Hippikon Multipack with: 6 horses, 7 torsos, 5 shield arms, 9 heads, 9 hands with different weapons. You will be able to create your own and personalized army of cavalry!

print and picture by @3dprintingsamurai_stl

The hippikon command group: with a champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

Spartan multipack with: 3 bodies, 3 heads, 3 shields, 3 spears and a command group with a champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

12 different Toxotes, greek archers from the ancient Hellas.

picture and print by @3dprintingsamurai_stl

Leaders to command your army. The Hipotoxota, the Hiparco and the Strategos.

painted by @khazalidtv

The 4 Toxotes heroes: Otrera, Queen of the Amazons, Paris of Troy, Cyrus the Younger of Persia and Archelaus I of Macedonia.

The spartan toxote.

The mighty Theseus.hero of Athens, slayer of giants and mythological creatures, his last victim was the minotaur, of whom he keeps his skull as a trophy of this epic victory.

painted by @ibaiminiaturas

Allies & Invaders

Get the Allies & Invaders with more than 75 different warriors and creatures divided in more than 150STL files of the Arcadian Forest Allies and the evil hordes of Hades

This pack includes: 30 creatures with 2 giantic monsters: The Cerberus and the Hecatonchires, 3 terrifying cycoples, 3 magical dryads, a unit of 15 different hades hounds and 7 different maenads. Then we will also find 30 extra warriors divided in Hades hoplites, Silens and Hyleoroi. And finally, the pack also contains the modular scenery pack with a fortress, an helepolis and the victims to decaorate your battlefields!

painted by @thomasfordal

Hades hounds 9 terrifying hounds of tartar with their even more fearsome captain. Servants of Hades who will come from the depths ready to devour anyone who stands in their way.

painted by @sir_minilot

Cerberus the demonic hound, protector of the gates of Tartarus, Hades’ pet and army destroyer.

Warrior cyclops one of the beast commanded by Hades. This cyclops is faster, thinner and full of rage.

Rock thrower cyclops

Devourer cyclops

painted by @sir_minilot


Hades warriors

painted by sir_minilot


painted by @khazalidtv


painted by @chobiminiatures


The Dryads, known as the power of nature, the druid, the queen and the warrior.


All in one

This pack contains the whole Hellas Army plus the Allies & Invaders with more than 250STL files.

And that’s not all, it also contains all the Addons

painted by @ibaiminiatures

The busts

The Scenery pack

The Bases

By pledging in any of our Frontier packs you will also receive a free trial of our Tribe July release: “The Astârs” we are creating a whole universe full of creatures, heroes and warriors fighting, as we grow our tribe we offer more things about this universe!