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Get our free 3D printable miniature to try our quality, you will only have to follow the steps below.

The files are supported and unsupported 32mm scale, you can not share/sell the file nor the prints. If you want to share the file with someone just have to send them this website link so they can download here for free.

If you want to sell the print, you can go to our patreon page and become a Merchant by subscribing to the Hero tier.

These are the free models: The Spartan Toxote, and the Myrmidon you can download them for free by accessing our folder in Drive. You only have to click here.

We hope you like and enjoy our free miniatures! It would be awesome if you could help us growing by following us on our social media.

Keep reading if you want to get more of our miniatures for free!

To get any of the miniatures below, you only have to:

Download The Spartan Toxote, print it and upload a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

2º On the description box add both @gamesmythology and #gamesmythology and choose and type one of the factions below.

3º Once we see your mention and hashtag we will contact you to share with you the Toxote that you chose.

If you want to get all the factions Toxotes, you just have to upload a painted print of our free miniatures, every time you tag us you will receive the Toxote that you choose. Keep painting, keep receiving free miniatures. Once you finish all the Toxotes you will receive one of these awesome miniatures of your choice:

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