The Hellas War coming to frontier on July the 1st

Hi everyone! We are Games Mythology and we are about to launch our first Frontiers campaign on Myminifactory. We have added all our myminifactory shop miniatures into two different packs that we will also add to our tribe.  An incredible battle between the Hellas defenders and the evil forces of the Tartarus, it is the beggining of…

We have added a free stl file for you to download and see the quality of our miniatures: The myrmidon. We chose this warrior because it was the first miniature that we created. Click here to download it and please let us know what you think! You can also paint the miniature and upload a picture to the social media tagging us @gamesmythology we will also post it on our stories tagging you and you will be able to choose any of our shop packs for free! These are some of our favourite pictures:

Todas las miniaturas que ofrecemos en esta campaña son compatibles con novena era, están en escala de 32mm y las entregamos con y sin soportes. Además, todas ellas han sido impresas por nosotros para comprobar que todos cumplían con nuestras expectativas.

We have divided the campaign into “The Hellas Army” and the “Allies & Invaders”.

The Hellas army is full of epic warriors that will defend their fortress against the invaders. The pack contains toxotes (archers), hoplites (spearmen), hippikon (cavalry), command groups, leaders and heroes ready to face any danger.

On the other side, the Tartarus gates have been opened and the Hades legions are coming to destroy anything on their path, the last hope of surviving comes from the Arcadian forest, the allies will help with the power of nature, creatures that may be able to stop the huge monsters that are pure evil.

The last quiet night was to prepare the defense…

But with the first light of dawn the Hades legion of invader arrived to the Hellas fortress destroying anything on their path…

What remains of the athenian army forms in front of its walls waiting for the enemy charge…

Will the Athenians be able to survive until the arrival of the Spartans?…

Will the forces of the arcadia forest arrive in time for the battle?…

The Hellas War is coming on July the first on Frontiers, leave your mail here to download our free miniature: “The myrmidon” and to receive all the news about the frontiers campaign.

See you on the battlefield

Painting Contest ~ Concurso de pintura

If you want to participate, you just have to follow these simple steps:

– Click HERE

– Download the free file of our leader Astâr.

– Print and paint the miniature.

– Upload your results to social networks by tagging us (@gamesmythology).

– Add this hashtag in your post #GamesMythologyPaintingContest

Everything is allowed, conversions, colors, size…

Si queréis participar, solo tenéis que seguir estos sencillos pasos:

– Haz click AQUÍ.

– Dercarga el archivo gratuito de nuestro líder Astâr.

– Imprime y pinta la miniatura.

– Sube tus resultados a las redes sociales etiquetándonos (@gamesmythology).

– Añade este hashtag en tu post #GamesMythologyPaintingContest

Todo está permitido, conversiones, colores, tamaños…

And most importantly, the rewards! 

All participants will be able to choose an STL pack from our myminifactory store and will receive it for free.  

Y lo más importante, ¡los premios!

Todos los participantes podrán elegir un pack de STL de nuestra tienda de myminifactory y lo recibirán de manera gratuita.

Also, the winner will be chosen during the month of August and will get all the miniatures from the All-in-One pack of our latest kickstarter campaign “The Athenian Army”.  

Además, el ganador será elegido durante el mes de Agosto y obtendrá todas las miniaturas del pack Todo en uno de nuestra última campaña de kickstarter “The Athenian Army”.

Finally, if you don’t have a 3d printer or anyone who can print it for you, but you want to participate, for €4 (shipping costs: +5€ Spain or +15€ International) we will send the miniature to your home.  Don’t wait any longer and join our 2nd painting contest! We are looking forward to seeing your results.

Por último, si no tenéis impresora 3d ni conocidos que puedan imprimirla para vosotros, pero quieres participar, por 9€ (gastos de envío incluidos) os enviaremos la miniatura a casa.  No esperes más y ¡únete a nuestro 2° concurso de pintura! Estamos deseando ver vuestros resultados.

Please share this with you friends to spread the word all over the world, thanks one more time for being here fighting with us to help us fulfill our dream, see you on the battlefield!

Comparte esto con tus amigos para correr la voz por todo el mundo, gracias una vez más por estar aquí luchando con nosotros para ayudarnos a cumplir nuestro sueño, ¡nos vemos en el campo de batalla!