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We are Games Mythology and we are creating fantasy STL files of supported and unsupported miniatures. We also offer merchant licenses to sell the prints but never the digital files.

Puedes UNIRTE AHORA to our FREE community of 3dprinters and painters to receive 1 free STL monthly aswell as all our news, discounts, campaigns and monthly releases!

Al hacer clic en Unirse ahora, ¡te unirás a nuestra comunidad! Aceptas compartir tu dirección de correo electrónico con el propietario del sitio y MailChimp para recibir mensajes de marketing, actualizaciones y otros correos electrónicos del propietario del sitio, incluidos archivos stl gratuitos, concursos de pintura gratuitos, nuevos lanzamientos y campañas. Puedes usar el enlace para darte de baja en esos correos electrónicos en cualquier momento (¡esperemos que nunca!)

Upcoming Kickstarter: Games Mythology Collection

We offer now on our next Kickstarter all our miniatures as STL files with a great offer! Divided into 6 ninth age armies all our miniatures will be ready to see you on the battlefield! Click here to check the get notified.

And the following kickstarter is QUIRON it will be our first STL kickstarter where we will offer a new license to become the owner of the STL file that will allow you not only to sell the physical prints but also to sell the stl file! If you want to keep updated click here and then on “notify me when launch”.


Únete a nuestra tribu para conseguir packs mensuales de miniaturas STL y licencias comerciales.

If you paint any of our miniatures please upload the pictures to your social media (instagram, twitter or facebook) tagging us @gamesmythology, you can also add the hashtags #gamesmythology #gamesmythologymuseum


Feel free to contact us using the contact information below, or send us a message using the form.

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