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Our miniatures are divided into 6 different ninth age armies. You can learn more here: Miniatures Collection – Games Mythology

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November Newsletter – Boletín de Noviembre

¡Saludos guerreros! ¡Durante este mes, puedes disfrutar de increíbles descuentos! ¡Durante estas dos semanas podrás disfrutar de un 30% de descuento en nuestra tienda de archivos stl MyMiniFactory y un 25% de descuento en nuestras miniaturas impresas de OnlyGames!  Games Mythology @GamesMythology – MyMiniFactory Games Mythology ( ¡Nuestro nuevo Kickstarter de archivos STL está disponible!…

The Arcadian Army Starter Box

​Greetings warriors! We have finished our Starter Pack of the Ninth Age Sylvan elves, you can download the STL files to print them yourself or you can buy them printed on our OnlyGames store. On our Arcadian Forest Starter Box we include: 20 Silen warriors with command group 20 Hyleoroi archers with command group 20…

Miniatures Collection

THE ATHENIAN ARMY The Athenians and the Thebans,leaded by Theseus, stand together as the Hellas Army. Their honor and bravery are outstanding and they are know to be one of the more organised armies using the phalanx as their shield to protect the ranged warriors. With the favor of the Gods and the semigod heroes,…

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