New STL Kickstarter coming soon!

Greetings warriors!

This time we have decided to create a Kickstarter campaign with all our miniatures from these two years. All our miniatures are supported, unsupported and test printed. You can stay tunned here:

You would be able to adquire the STL files for your personal use,  if you want to print and sell our miniatures you can buy the “Merchant License” (You won’t be able to sell the STL files, just the prints of them!)

With your support we will be able to continue creating armies to make this universe grow! For this kickstarter we have divided our miniatures into 6 different armies of the game called “The ninth age”

About the ninth age…

The ninth age is a free to play game where you can find different races of a fantasy world, you can download the rules and the armies books for free here.

We have organised our miniatures so you can use them as proxy of 6 of the ninth age armies, turning our collection into a group of 6 starter packs of different warriors to play a fantasy battles game!

Hope you guys like it! We will offer these armies at their best price during the early bird offer! so don’t forget to click on “notify me when launch”

See you on the battlefield!

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