The Best Of Portalgoblin

Greetings warriors!

We start this year with a new project called “The Best Of” where we will be adding our favourite artists miniatures, to promote their job with all of you and this way, grow together in the hobby we all share and love.

Our first guest is Portalgoblin who bring these amazing creatures with an awesome offer for all of you to start printing and painting them! you can find more miniatures like these ones in his linktree, you can check it here.

And here we are! We have twenty nine different miniatures included in three different packs.

If you support our project, you will receive a perfect set for D&D, wargaming or just to enjoy painting them for an incredible price!

We also offer a lifetime merchant license offer if you want to start selling the prints of these miniatures (never the STL files!)

If you like to paint miniatures, we have an amazing community on discord (we speak spanish and english!) where you can share your painted miniatures pictures to have the feedback of all of us and tips to improve, or if you are a pro you will be able to help others to achieve your level of skill, if you want to join send us a message to and we will add you!

To test the quality of the miniatures, during February you can download for free our Final Boss Demon here

If you want to improve your painting skills you can also follow us on Twitch, where @wachomini will be giving painting lessons using our miniatures, you can also join Patreon if you want to support our job and to get our STL files and enjoy discounts in all our STL and physical shops!

The Rewards

These are the 4 different rewards that we offer for this campaign:

Hidden Treasure

For curious adventurers, really nice miniatures only for those who love to explore! 6 STL miniatures with and without supports.

Adventure Reward

The Adventure Reward includes the STL files with and without supports of:

  • The Heroes Reward
  • The Monsters Reward
  • The Monsters reward II
  • The Extras

The Best of Portalgoblin Reward.

The Best of Portalgoblin Reward includes the STL files with and without supports of 23 STL miniatures:

  • Adventure Reward (16 Miniatures)
  • Demons Reward

Merchant Reward

With the Merchant Reward you will receive 23 STL miniatures:

  • All miniatures of the Adventure Reward (with the Hero Reward included)
  • All the Demons Reward
  • The LIFETIME right to sell the prints of all these miniatures (Never the STL files) always tagging Portalgoblin as the creator.
  • The hidden treasure merchant license is also available as addon with another 6 miniatures!

The Addons

Merchant Hidden Treasure

Heroes Reward

The Heroes Reward includes:

  • 4 miniatures with and without supports to lead your campaigns as powerfull heroes.

They can fit in roles such as wizard, sorcerer, summoner, warrior, tank, paladin, berserker, assasin, thief…

The wizard

The magic has no secrets for him, actually he is one of the mighty wizards who wrote the magic books of the ancient library, he can use his energy to make the elements change, water, fire, wind and earth are under his will. Magic shields, powerfull spells… nothing is out of his reach. He has an enourmous hunger of new knowledge and that is the reason why he would join any dangerous adventure.

The shapeshifters

Three little kids were gifted when they were born, they can turn into creatures, animals or even other people. This gift turned into a curse when the older one was kidnapped and his two brothers are on their way to find him. They are stronger than any other human and they are learning how to turning into monsters that is why the smallest is still trying to achieve it. They are also extremily hard to hurt. Their skin turns stronger if something tries to hurt them. They are excellent warriors and also can be used as berserkers, tanks or paladins for your campaigns…

The summoner

The apprentice sorceress has mastered the art of creating temporal spheres very quickly, but she cannot use her gift for herself to find out where she comes from…she has the ability of summoning anything tha she can imagine but she hasn’t mastered it yet. She has a memory of her mother summoning dragons and giants to fight an army that invaded their home, and she also remember her father placing her into a magic portal that took her to another place, now she is trying to find them, while she learns how to control her power.

The thief

He obtained an artifact to jump from plane to plane. He committed theft and got away from the chase with the help of him. But he doesn’t fully understand how it works. And jumps from plane to plane in the hope of accidentally getting into his native world. He is a great assasin and can use the artifacts that he has stolen to become really dangerous. It seems that the portal needs lot of energy to be able to travel through dimensions and now he is stuck with these other heroes, and will have to work with them as a team to achieve his goal of going back home.

The Monsters Reward

The Monsters Reward includes:

  • 4 STL creatures for your d&d or wargaming games, with and without supports.:

The Assasin Goblin

– The Wendigo

– The Devil Wizard

– The Dreadknight

The Monsters II Reward

The Monster II Reward includes:

  • 4 STL creatures for your d&d or wargaming games, with and without supports.:

– The Symbiote

– The Kenku

– The Harengon

– The Ogre

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