III Games Mythology Painting Contest

Greetings warriors!

We will launch our III Painting Contest in January 2023! It will be the STRATEGOS, an epic greek commander to lead your army. The rewards and rules of the contest will be revealed during January. You can download now the STL for free here in both 75mm and 32mm!

This is the STRATEGOS sculpted by @migueldelbar and painted by @wachomini who will be streaming for you to enjoy free painting lessons on twitch and become an even more awesome painter here!

We will also include the physical print of the STRATEGOS for the painting contest in 32mm & 75mm if you are interested please let me know, we are creating a list of pre orders and we will produce as many as you guys need! You can directly talk with me by mail, instagram, discord or if you prefer whatsapp is also an option: +34677050880

Remember that you can’t share/sell the STL file or the prints of them if you want to do that you have to become a merchant in our myminifactory tribe.

But you can share our website http://www.gamesmythology.com and anyone can subscribe for free and receive this miniature and many more!

Just before I go…We are launching our next Kickstarter campaign where we will include our favourite miniatures from these two years! Click here to visit the kickstarter link and then, click on the “notify” button to receive an email when the project goes live!

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Thanks so much for your support, it is really welcome! If you have any questions please let me know, you can find me here: contactogamesmythology@gmail.com and you can also join our discord channel here and say hi! we speak spanish and english and we are all very friendly and hobby lovers like you! 

Hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year full of new awesome miniatures!

See you on the battlefield(next year)!

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