Unlocked Milestones! (Stretch Goals)

We started unlocking miniatures each time we reach 200$ but we have decided to change the first 10 milestones, now we will unlock one more STL every 100$ (That means that now there have 4 unlocked milestones instead of 2!)

The campaign has lots of milestones. The more people support us, the more miniatures the all in one pack will include for the same price!

So far we have unlocked:

  • The 7th black goblin
  • The savage tokken
  • The 8th black goblin
  • The 2nd savage tokken

Next one to unlock:

  • The 9th black goblin

All locked milestones:

If you dont want to wait until all the Milestones are unlocked you can get them instantly from our savage packs!

One of the warriors asked for the savage team by itself so I have created the “Addons” with all the savage creatures divided in 3 different packs.

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