LIVE STL CAMPAIGN: The Orktober Bloodpit

Greetings warriors!

This is Orktober and we all know it, we thought… what if we just get a huge team of these amazing creatures and start printing and painting them?

And here we are! We have two teams with many miniatures included in two different packs and we also have many stretch goals or “milestones” to achieve, if you support our project you will receive one or two awesome teams for an incredible price!

You can test the quality of the miniature and get a 10% discount in this campaign wif you suscribe to our website!


The more people support us, the more miniatures you all will receive for the same price!

This is our third project, this time with a new modeller: Brutefun! you can find more miniatures like these ones in his linktree, you can check it here.

Bloodpit Black Team

12 STL files with and without supports. Early bird price: 10€ (Then 15€)

Bloodpit ALL IN ONE

25 STL files with and without supports plus 24 milestones STL to unlock (Stretch goals). Early bird price 25€ (Then 30€)

This pack includes:

+ The Bloodpit Black Team (12 STL files)

+ The Bloodpit Savage Team (12 STL files)

+ The Troll (1 STL file)

+ All the unlocked Milestones! (up to 24 STL files)

Bloodpit Merchant ALL IN ONE

This pledge includes the 49 STL files with and without supports + all the renders. Price: 150€

One time payment for a lifetime license to sell all these physical miniatures. (Never the STL)


There are 24 Milestones available, each one more amazing! Once we reach the amount of the milestone it will be unlocked and included in the Bloodpit ALL IN ONE tier, we will upload the files to the pack during the campaign, all the files are ready to be shared! These are some of the Milestones:


Black Goblin 7



Savage Tokken 1

$197.5 left


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