The Orktober Bloodpit

Greetings warriors we are Games Mythology and today I want to show you our upcoming project: The Orktober Bloodpit. You can get this amazing miniature for free if you suscribe to the pre-campaign list and also receive a 10% discount in all the pledges (Merchant licenses included!)

For those of you who love all the games where you can play football in a fantasy world full of fearsome creatures, and of course if you love these green skin creatures, this is your opportunity to get 2 teams of 12 miniatures plus lots of stretch goals! In this story we want to show you some of the miniatures that you can add to your collection.


We have created this campaign with Brutefun miniatures, who is the responsible of the sculpting of these wonderful miniatures, you can check his linktree here. We focus on the promotion and the customer service, if any of you need help or have questions I will be always here to help as soon as possible!


He has decide to give us license to create this project and share profits with him, and also get some promotion of his channel with all of you who are reading this!


We will release the campaign during October so stay tuned! We hope you all love the miniatures as much as we do! They are high quality 32mm scale and all of them come with and without supports! Ready to print & paint to participate in all the Orktober painting contests!


See you in the battlefield!

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