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The Astâbryds packs


We are Games Mythology and this is the pack preview of our second Frontiers campaign: The Astâbryds!

In our fantastic universe, the Astâbryds are half beast and half humans, they are losing their reason while they are gaining strength, rage and bloodthirst. Beware if you find one of these creatures, if you are not brave enough you won’t be another enemy, you will become food. They are our proxy army of the beast herds from the ninth age.

You can get this STL file of our Astâr leader for free, as well as a 10% discount in our pledges and you will be notified when launch to let you enjoy the early bird offer! You just need to pre subscribe to the campaign here!

Painted by Alex

We have created several packs for you to choose which one suit you better:

The Taurastâr pack: With our 5 minotaurs.

The Astâbryds pack: With all the beastmen miniatures.

The Merchant License: For those who want to sell prints of our miniatures.

Addons: For those who missed our last campaign “The Hellas War”

The Taurastâr pack

The Taurastâr pack includes:


The Taurastâr Pack

Big Axe

Axe and shield

Two axes

War drum

Standard and totem bearer

The leaders and the Spartans!

Prints samples by Alex @Khazalid

Painted by Will

The Astâbryds Pack

The Astâbryds pack includes:


Astâr modular pack

Astâr 1

Astâr 2

Astâr 3

Astâr musician

Astâr standard bearer

Astâr leader

Astârd modular pack

Astârd 1

Astârd 2

Astârd 3

Astârd Musician

Astârd Standard Bearer

Astârd Leader

Astânter modular pack

Astânter 1

Astânter 2

Astânter 3

Astânter Musician

Astânter Standard Bearer

Astânter Leader

Herd Stone


The leaders and the Spartans!

Merchant pledge

Please note that all digital files purchased are for personal use only. Any distribution or sale of these digital STL files are prohibited, this includes modified and altered versions of these files. Selling 3D prints or molds, casts made from these miniatures is prohibited.

If you are interested in selling Games Mythology miniatures, you can purchase the Merchant License. By pledging in the Merchant Tier you are allowed to sell this kickstarter as physical 3D printed figures but reselling the digital STL files is strictly prohibited.

Astâbryds Merchant

With this pledge you will receive:

You also have a merchant license tier available on our MyMiniFactory Tribe where you can pay 30$ monthly to be announced as one our distributors around the world (we will add your shop links to our linktree).

We will also include for free our October Tribe release merchant tier: The leaders and the Spartans!


Our last campaign miniatures are here for you too:

The Hellas army includes more than 100STL files with:

Toxotes, Hoplitas, Hippikon, Command Groups, Leaders, Spartans, Theseus and Toxotes Heroes.

The Allies & Invaders includes more than 100 STL files with:

Dryads, Silens, Hyleoroi, Hades Warriors, Hades Hounds, Cyclopes, Maenads, Cerberus, Hecatonchire and Victims.


You will receive all The Hellas War Frontiers campaign STL files with the right to sell the prints of the miniatures (never the STL files) plus all the renders for your shop!

This pack contains more than 250 STL files with:

Toxotes, Hoplitas, Hippikon, Command Groups, Leaders, Spartans, Theseus, Toxotes Heroes, Dryads, Silens, Hyleoroi, Hades Warriors, Hades Hounds, Cyclopes, Maenads, Cerberus, Hecatonchire, Victims, Busts, Bases, Helepolis (siege machine), Fortress and Renders

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Finally I would like to thanks all my team for making this campaign possible and also all of you guys thanks so much!

Fernando: Models creator. Creador de los modelos.

Jesus Visual art & renders. Arte visual & Renders.

Miguel Miniature prints. Impresión de miniaturas.

Alex Miniature painter, painting tutorials. Pintor de miniaturas, tutoriales de pintura.

Will Miniature painter. Pintor de miniaturas.

Marcos Supports and miniature prints & pictures. Soportes e impresión de miniaturas & fotos.

Alex Campaign promotion and miniature painter. Promoción de la campaña y pintor de miniaturas.

Jose Campaign promotion and miniature painter. Promoción de la campaña y pintor de miniaturas.

Ángel Miniature painter. Pintor de miniaturas.

Adrián CEO

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