The Astâbryds updates!

LIVE Kickstarter

Greetings warriors!

We have launched a Kickstarter with a huge army of beastmen, including physical and supported&unsupported STL for wargaming.

We are already halfway through, that’s why I wanted to start by thanking all who pledge for your support and showing you all our Taurâstar printed by @Khazalid.

The truth is that we expected a better result with the campaign, but we don’t want to cancel it because we believe that all who support us deserve to receive the stl files and printed miniatures. iThat’s why we’re going to continue the rest of the campaign promoting and trying to fund it completely!

If you haven’t seen the campaign yet, you can do it here:

Now wait for a second and look at this awesome painting job by @wadart89 of one of our Taurâstar

If you also think that our models deserve to, at least, fund this campaign and you want to give us a hand, you can share the campaign on your social media and your groups of painters or wargamers that may be interested in it, all together we can achieve anything!

But we never ask for help without giving something back! If we achieve this goal and we fund the campaign, we will share with all of you the STL files of our Taurâstar leader: Korzark

We will keep working hard and we will never give up! One more time, thanks so much!

See you on the battlefield!

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