The Astâbryds Kickstarter

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Greetings warriors! We are launching the Astâbryds kickstarter campaign really soon and of course we will keep offering the STL files supported and unsupported for all of you. And on this Kickstarter, for the first time, we will also offer our miniatures printed and sended to your door.

The Astâbryds are half beast and half humans. In each battle they lose a bit more of their reason and humanity in exchange of strenght, rage and bloodthirst. Beware if you find one of this creatures, unless you are an awesome warrior you won’t be an enemy for them, you will become food.

If you want to test our quality, you can download our Astâr leader for free here

If you like our miniature, we have a painting contest going on until the first of October.  

STL files

We will offer two different packs, the “TAURASTÂR” pack which will include the 5 Taurastâr and the “ASTÂBRYDS” pack which will include all our Astâbryds miniatures (More than 140 STL files):

  • 1 Herd stone
  • 5 Taurastârs
  • 3 Modular Sets of STL files

Each modular set is a group of models that will let you customize your beast army by adding our miniatures to complete your already existing army or even make a whole new army.

  • Set of Astârds with more than 30STL modular multipack including the command group.
  • Set of Astânters with more than 40STL modular multipack including the command group.
  • Set of Astârs with more than 30STL modular multipack including the command group.

STL The Taurastâr pack:

Price: Early bird 30€ – KS 40€ – MMFSHOP 50€ 

STL Astâbryds pack:

Price: Early bird 60€ – KS 80€ – MMFSHOP 120€

Please note that all digital files purchased are for personal use only. Any distribution or sale of these digital STL files are prohibited, this includes modified and altered versions of these files. Selling 3D prints or molds, casts made from these miniatures is prohibited.

If you are interested in selling Games Mythology miniatures (every miniature of this campaign) you can purchase the Merchant License.

By pledging in the Merchant Tier you are allowed to sell this kickstarter (all STL from this campaign) as physical 3D printed miniatures.

STL The merchant pack:

Price Early bird 250€ – KS 300€ – MMF SHOP 360€

Whole life license to sell the prints of all the miniatures of the Astâbryds Kickstarter. Never the STL files. If you want to use any of our miniatures to create a boardgame or for any crowdfunding campaign let us know and we will find a way of making it possible.

Physical miniatures

On this campaign we are stepping up with the physical sell of our miniatures for the first time!

You can chose any of the Taurastârs

-> Pack 1 Taurastâr: 15€

-> Pack 3 Taurastârs 40€ (Save 10%)

-> Pack 5 Taurastârs 65€ (Save 13%) 

-> Pack 10 Taurastârs -> 120€ (Save 20%)

-> Pack 50 Taurastârs -> 525€ (Save 30%)

-> Pack 100 Taurastârs -> 900€ (Save 40%)

Delivery dates

For the STL files, once the campaign is finished, you will receive all the STL files that you have purchased as soon as the Kickstarter payments have been processed (Usually about 15 days) through MyMiniFactory.


We planned that everything should have been sorted by the end of October but we can’t be sure about the timing because we don’t know how many miniatures we will have to print, package and send.

What we can promise is that we will focus on sending the miniatures as soon as we can and make sure every single miniature is perfect so everyone will be happy with them. The shipping costs are not included.


Our campaign The Hellas War is Live until July the 25th have a look here! The packs will be added to Kickstarter as add-ons: All in one 100€ and Merchant License 300€.


If you are interested in the Astâbryds you can click here to get notified when launch!

Please let us know in the comment box if you like the Astâbryds campaign, the miniatures and what do you think about the prices of the packs and the physical miniatures (We always hear you!).

Thanks for your support! We come with the desire to stay and continue growing and thanks to you we are clear that we will be able to do so.

Our best success so far is having a community of satisfied members, and we will continue the same way!

See you on the battlefield!

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