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Our second STL miniatures kickstarter «The Athenian Army» is about to end! We have unlocked almost all our stretch goals unlocking more than 30 STL files. You will receive all the Stretch Goals when you buy any of our packs, you can choose between these options:

The entire Athenian army: spearmen, archers, cavalry, powerful heroes leading the troops:

The Scenery: A huge fortress to protect with gigantic siege engines:

The Invaders: A group of invaders Composed of fearsome Cyclops and hordes of warriors corrupted by Hades:

The allies of the Arcadia forest, sent by Artemis and Dionysus to protect Athena from the wrath and destruction of Hades:

And finally the All in One and the Merchant Licenses packs. They include all the miniatures for a better price and 1 super-exclusive miniature, THESEUS! our first hero (if you are a Patreon you can get the All in one pack at the same price of the early bird, only 60€ send us a private message and we will explain you how!):

All the miniatures that we offer in this campaign are compatible with the ninth age, they are in a 32mm scale and we deliver them with and without supports. In addition, all of them have been printed by us to verify that met our expectations.

These are some of our miniatures, printed and painted by enormous artists, if you want to learn more about them: click here. 

Before you decide, if you still don’t know the quality of our miniatures, you can click here to download our first miniature: The Myrmidon.  The miniatures are high quality, 32mm with and without supports.

Hope you like it! We also offer Addons, each for only 10€:

Our past November Release, the command groups for the Athenian army plus a group of Dryads 10€:

Our December Patreon Release, the menades known as the cannibal nymphs 10€:

The busts. Our first two busts with the devourer cyclops and the forest ancient satyr 10€:

Thanks for having read this far! If you want to visit our Kickstarter campaign just click here! See you on the battlefield!